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Health & Mental Benefits of a Clean Home!

Hiring Duenas Services Gives You Extra Time for the Things That Matter Most

Having free time or a moment to pamper and do your self-love routine is one of the best mental benefits of having a cleaning service.

Having additional time allows you to find happiness through quality time spent with your family, friends, yourself or your 4 legged cutie through relaxing and de-stressing activities that you didn't have time for before.

We know that not everyone can afford to hire a cleaning service, but there are ways to limit or decrease the final cost of having this luxury service. A clean home has a relaxing ambiance and increases productivity. A clean space completed by a cleaning service rewards you with extra time for what matters most!

Did you know that having more time creates the same happiness as those with higher income?

This study showed that there was significant similarity in happiness levels between those who are wealthy or have higher income and those who bought time. - time is a precious commodity these days, and having another task that can take up to several hours off your list, is exactly what we are here for.

Even a stay at home mom or dad have little to no time to really thoroughly clean on a regular basis. Raising healthy kids both physically and mentally takes a lot of time and effort, which by a default leaves us parents feeling a little drained quite frankly.

A cleaning service will allow parents to give their time and attention to their families. Crawling babies and toddlers are prone to getting into almost anything and need a watchful eye on them at all times, especially when they're quiet, we all been there!

Professional cleaning services ensure that the best products are used and that every inch of your home is cleaned to satisfaction. A clean home will ensure that your loved ones are at less risk from germs and infections or the dangers that can come with stuff lying around that the little ones are typically sure to try eat everything they see.

When you have a house cleaning service you never have to feel guilty or worry if you’ve been too tired or busy to clean. A regular clean from a cleaning service will ensure that all surfaces, nooks and crannies are bacteria free which will leave your home spotless from bacteria and never having to worry about the health of your loved ones.

Bathrooms and kitchens are magnets for germs and can be a nightmare to clean on a regular basis, especially when you have a full house. Tidying up and doing a surface cleaning can be beneficial but a thorough clean is best. This is a guarantee when professional cleaners come in and take care of it for you.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will understand and practice all the safe and efficient cleaning procedures that will ensure your home is cleaned in a timely and effective manner.

A cleaning service can be used daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you need assistance. Choosing a luxury service like cleaning doesn't have to be costly. We mentioned there are ways to save! Duenas Services is a mid-high end cleaning company. We have been established since 1991, with over 20 staff members that are verified, trained to our detailed standards and are ready to clean!

Saving with us just got easier! We now have a Book More, Save More! Pricing Plan that allows you to receive our cleaning services at a discounted price.

We have created this for clients who need a minimum of 4 bookings a month, up to 6 days a week cleaning!

Supplies and chemicals are provided by us. All of our packages are based on the size of your home. The prices reflect:

your cleaners (typically 2-4) and at least one-supervisor onsite or is overlooking the team,

being insured and bonded,

chemicals and supplies,

detailed work (regardless of standard or deep cleaning),

24/7 prompt customer support,

criminal background checks and fair wages to our staff.

How can you save money aside from our new discounted prices? Our packages are pre-set to a 3 hour minimum booking, up to 4 hours. Simply inform us or your cleaning team to stay within certain amount of time, you can also have them cover the major cleaning areas first such as kitchen and washrooms, that way if you need to stay within your budget, you now have your main areas off your list! On your next booking, you can have your cleaning team finish what wasn't done before. These are our suggestion to reap the reward at a low monthly cost!

The recap?

  1. Hiring a Cleaning Service is a luxury that can be purchased in a budget friendly price!

  2. More Time equals more time for your happiness. Enjoy activities with loved ones, while the professionals take care of the rest

  3. Safe and effective practices - killing germs and bacteria

  4. Reducing your stress and guilt from chores adding up - focus on you! We got it the cleaning covered


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