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5 Must-have Cleaning Products before you clean your Home.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

In this post we are going over the 5 main components you need to disinfect and prepare your home for any family and friends you'd love to have over.

Before entering a home be it friends or family what do you notice? Perhaps you enter their living room, Does the room have an inviting scent to create the feelings of warmth and welcome? Maybe you enter the kitchen? Do you feel grease as you turn the knob to pre heat the oven or stove? You've asked to use their washroom only to enter and to your dismay there is stains and dirt build-up on the toilet. Lastly, it is late and you're ready to call it a day. You've entered the guest bedroom, there is an interesting book or item in the room that you'd like to explore only to grasp it and be welcomed with a bed of dust all over it. With our tips and experience of cleaning Residential Homes your Family and Friends will never have to experience these misfortunes.

  • Dust - Micro-fibre cloths/Paper towels/Swiffer Dusters(Micro-fibre cloths are more economical as you can reuse them by simply washing them)

  • Degrease - Zep Commercial Citrus Degreaser (or any alternative brand)

  • Disinfect - Lysol lemon All purpose Cleaner ( alternatively soapy water with paper towels can go along way with most surfaces)

  • Polish - Weiman Stainless steel cleaner and polish (works on almost all appliances)

  • Revitalize - Pine-Sol and or Murphy's oil for wooden floors

Lastly before we say goodbye we know how hard it is when faced with the challenges of daily life be it work, school, kids, etc to come home and have to clean a large mess. We all know the great feeling of entering a hotel while on vacation or trip for business. Being able to leave your hotel room in what ever fashion of a mess you leave it to come back and find it perfectly clean and ready for you to rejoice in your relaxation. Allow us to recreate the feelings of those moments of relaxation, that your space will look exactly the way you want it when you come back from your duties. Our Residential Cleaning Staff is committed to ensuring that your home will always be a space of cleanliness and tranquility.

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